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Shaker Rocking Chair w/Cushion Rail
 Cushion Rail Rocker
 Cushion Rail Rocker
 Cushion Rail Rocker
 Cushion Rail Rocker

One of the most beautiful Shaker chairs I have ever offered.  This rocking armchair is one of only three known early community chairs incorporating the unique Shaker innovation of the cushion rail.  The cushion rail is a round bentwood bar that traverses the two rear back posts to facilitate the hanging of a cushioned covering over the back slats.  While interesting, it is the visual  appeal of a horizontal terminus to the top of the chair that is exciting and unique to these rare examples.
This large "Elder's Chair" is constructed of maple and retains an old/original red orange stain and varnish finish. 
New Lebanon, New York.  Circa 1840. 
H. 44", seat w. 18 1/8" (between posts), seat h. 16 1/2".

Illustrated: The Shaker Legacy, page 137.


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